Settlement by ICJ

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Settlement of International Disputes via International Court of Justice (ICJ)
The UN was established in order to avert the minor conflicts and disputes among the states which, in the past, often led to the long term destructive wars; along with Security Council to take into account the disputes among states; UN also took care of instituting an international Judicial Organ. But it has also secured other options i.e. diplomatic methods to solve the inter-state frictions, if some state does not want to attend to the jurisdiction of its judicial organ. Peaceful settlement of disputes between the states is the ultimate insurance to avoid another world war thus; international law has proposed comprehensive recommendations in this regard.

Barring all the diplomatic and non-diplomatic means to sort out the inter-state frictions, the disputing parties may utilize the judicial aid in this regard. For this purpose both the parties are required to knock the door of the World Court with mutual consent.

Previously established Permanent Court of International Justice by League of Nations in 1920 transformed into International Court of Justice adopting a new statute identical to the previous one when the foundation of the UN was laid after the World War-2. This court is the principal judicial organ of the UN as mentioned in Article#9 of the UN Charter and Article#1 of the ICJ Statute.

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