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Q. The melting point of ice is lowered by a/an __________ in pressure.
(A) increase
(B) decrease
(C) change
(D) consistency

The answer is: (A) increase ☑

Q. At high altitude the air temperature is lower as compare to sea level, therefore water boils at __________ temperature.
(A) lower
(B) higher
(C) constant
(D) absolute

The answer is: (A) lower ☑

Q. Evaporation is a __________ process.
(A) condensation
(B) Liquefying
(C) cooling
(D) convection

The answer is: (C) cooling ☑

Q. The refrigerator works on the two processes
(A) condensation and convection
(B) convection and radiation
(C) radiation and evaporation
(D) condensation and evaporation

The answer is: (D) condensation and evaporation ☑

Q. Air is a very good __________ of heat.
(A) conductor
(B) insulator
(C) radiator
(D) evaporator

The answer is: (B) insulator ☑

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