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Q. In Hajj, traveling seven times between Mount Safa and Mount Marwah, is called
(A) Istilam
(B) Sayee
(C) Ramee
(D) Tawaf

The answer is: (B) Sayee ☑

Q. The first Ummayed Caliph was
(A) Khalid bin Waleed (R.A)
(B) Ameer Muawiyah (R.A)
(C) Abu Ubaidah (R.A)
(D) Amr bin Al-Aas (R.A)

The answer is: (B) Ameer Muawiyah (R.A) ☑

Q. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sent his messengers to the kings beyond Arabia calling them to Islam. In order to authenticate the credentials of his messengers, a __________ seal was made.
(A) Golden
(B) Silver
(C) Metallic
(D) Wooden

The answer is: (B) Silver ☑

Q. In the Battle of Uhud, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) selected ________ skillful archers to stay on a mountain (side).
(A) 20
(B) 30
(C) 40
(D) 50

The answer is: (D) 50 ☑

Q. What was the relation between Prophet Moosa (A.S) and Prophet Haroon (A.S)?
(A) Prophet Moosa (A.S) was father of Prophet Haroon (A.S)
(B) Prophet Haroon (A.S) was father of Prophet Moosa (A.S)
(C) Brothers
(D) Cousins

The answer is: (C) Brothers ☑

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