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Q. I was watching a TV program, when he ________ in.
(A) walk
(B) walks
(C) walked
(D) was walking

The answer is: (C) walked ☑

Q. We are planning ________ out to dinner tonight.
(A) taking our guests
(B) guests to take
(C) guests taking
(D) to take our guests

The answer is: (D) to take our guests ☑

Q. She took lessons ________ how to swim.
(A) learn
(B) for learning
(C) to learn
(D) learning

The answer is: (C) to learn ☑

Q. The class teacher ________ Anna move to another chair.
(A) allows
(B) allowed
(C) let
(D) permitted

The answer is: (C) let ☑

Q. He devotes much of his time ________ for the future.
(A) to planning
(B) to plan
(C) plan
(D) planning

The answer is: (A) to planning ☑

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