FBISE Computer Science Class-12 Year 2015

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Computer Science Solved Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

Choose the correct answer from the given options.

1. Which software converts and executes one line of source code into object code at a time?
(A) Assembler
(B) Compiler
(C) Interpreter
(D) Converter

2. Which of the following is NOT a high level language?
(A) Pascal
(B) Assembly

3. A memory location with some data that can be changed is called?
(A) Constant
(B) Cell
(C) Location
(D) Variable

4. What is true about a variable?
(A) The name cannot changed, but value can be changed
(B) The name and value, both can be changed
(C) The name and value, both cannot be changed
(D) The name can be changed, but value can not be changed

5. The resultant value of the expressions 9/(5*2) is?
(A) 0.27
(B) 1.11
(C) 0
(D) 11.1

6. Which of the following format specifier is used for strings?
(A) %s
(B) %d
(C) %f
(D) % c

7. The escape sequence for printing backslash on the screen is ?
(A) \ b
(B) \ x
(C) \ r
(D) \ \

8. Which of the following in NOT a valid escape sequence?
(A) \ t
(B) \ y
(C) \ n
(D) \ b

9. In switch statement, the case block ends with a/an ?
(A) End select
(B) End case
(C) break;
(D) case else

10. Which of the following is valid case statement in a switch?
(A) case x < 4 :
(B) case 1 :
(C) case ‘ab’ :
(D) case 1.5 :

11. When is while loop more appropriate than for loop?
(A) The terminating condition occurs unexpectedly
(B) The body of the loop should be executed at least once
(C) The number of iterations is known in advance
(D) The program will be executed at least once

12. Which of the following objects are used to store data in MS-Access?
(A) Reports
(B) Queries
(C) Forms
(D) Tables

13. A collection of data of students in a class is known as ?
(A) Field
(B) File
(C) Record
(D) Character

14. The primary key of one table used in another table is known as ?
(A) Composite key
(B) Primary key
(C) Foreign key
(D) Candidate key

15. Which of the following object is used to extract information from the database?
(A) Query
(B) Tables
(C) Forms
(D) Reports

1(C) 2(B) 3(D) 4(A) 5(C) 6(A) 7(D) 8(B)
9(C) 10(B) 11(A) 12(C) 13(B) 14(C) 15(A)