Decisions of International Institutions

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In the existing state of affairs in a world that has gone far away from cold war, where globalization has become obvious; there the decisions or resolutions passed by the international institutions or their organs now carry enough Weightage to be taken as part of international law. UN and its six principle organs along with various agencies working for certain objectives are of great importance to be mentioned here.

For instance, a resolution passed by General Assembly or Security Council is an important international guideline for the member states and a sort of precedence for the future. Starke believed that in following ways organs of international institutes can play role in development of law;

  • International organs make laws. For instance, UNSC observes the practice that absence of any member will not be deemed to be the veto.
  • Such organs decide their limits along with interpreting the provisions of their constitutions.
  • Certain organs like European Economic Community also play quasi-judicial function.