Computer Simulation and Weather Forecast

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(a) Write briefly the uses of Computer Simulation.
(b) How can computer be useful in the weather forecast?

(a) Uses of Computer Simulation
Computer simulation is a special type of computer model. It creates an artificial model of a system. The model can be used to train the people. It can also be used to get familiar with the environment before entering the environment in the real world. They are also used in educational institutes to understand the working of various systems. For example the simulation of airplane is part of pilot training. Students can perform complicated experiments using simulations.

(b) Use of Computer in Weather Forecasting
A computerized weather forecasting system gets data from different weather stations, airports, satellites etc. The system generates a forecast about the weather. Weather forecasting is very complex. The perfect forecasting is very difficult and there is always a possibility of variation in weather. Many organizations use computerized weather forecasting systems. An example is the SPARCO weather forecasting department.