World a Global Village

Essay: World as Global Village: Learning to Live Together

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1. Introduction
Globalization has led to the economic, political and socio-cultural integration making the world a global village. The prospects of learning to live together are, however, still evolving amid the hurdles persisting to check its course.

2. Aspects of Global Village
– Globalization of economy
– Global integration of politics
– Global village of socio-cultural integration

3. Contemporary Manifestations of ‘Learning to Live Together in Global Village’
– Internet and its global use
– International Political Community
– Global Economic Organizations

4. World Learning To Live Together
– The case study of Iran and P5+1 Nuclear Deal
– The Melting of Ice between Cuba and the US
– The traditional rivals of South Asia and the efforts to live together

5. Hurdles in the Learning of Global Village to Live Together
– Criticism on globalization as a threat to national interests
– Gap between the Global North and the Global South
– Economic, literary, cultural and technological backwardness
– Clash of Interests
– Clash of Civilizations
– Weak international institutions

6. Ways to Learn to Live Together
– Strengthening the global institutions
– Minimizing the ideological difference between civilizations
– Pursuing mutual interests and fighting common threats
– Liberalism of trade
– Dialogue to be the first choice of conflict resolution

7. Conclusion

World is called a global village by the virtue of globalization which is a multi-faceted process. Globalization is integration of everything. It can be integration of political, cultural and technological prospects. The most apparent manifestation of globalization is economic and political integration. Similarly, the globalization which plays major role in making the world a global village comes in shape of technological integration.

Global village is attributed with sharing information, products, investments and profits. In political terms global village is featured by presence of an evolved international community at the platform of the UN. The growth of an integrated village brings several benefits to the masses as well as states along with causing trouble for the national interests.