Subjects of International Law

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Though, it is crystal clear that the International law is actually the name of rules and regulations fixed by the states in order to harmonize the relations between them. But if we consider the continuously changing world order particularly after the World War-II then we may realize that to keep mere states under the subjection and jurisdiction of international law won’t be enough. We need individuals, non-state entities and international organizations as well to bring under international law.

Subject of International Law means; “Something upon which the rules made are being applied and upon which these rules confers rights and duties”.

In short, subjects of international law are the entities which are bound to pursue this law and which may seek justice under this law when aggrieved.

  • Theories regarding Subjects of International Law

Theory 1: States Alone are Subjects of International Law
Theory 2: Individuals Alone are Subjects of International Law
Theory 3: States, Individuals and Non-Entities are Subjects of IL
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