Pakistan tilled land of four Seasons

Physical attributes of any state play an important role in determining its culture and economic trends. Pakistan has God-gifted setup of plains, mountain ranges, glaciers and all the four seasons. When we say this, it means Pakistan enjoys the advantages of all the mentioned attributes.

Pakistan seasons

Mountains and Glaciers
The mountains ranges of the Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindukush in its North West and North Eastern parts act as the natural borders along with being an important tourist attraction. They also hold the mighty glaciers like Baltoro, Batura, Hispar, Siachen, etc. The glaciers work as reservoirs of fresh water and feed the rivers of Pakistan in summer.

Agricultural, Desert and Coastal Plains of Pakistan
The major agricultural plains of Pakistan are formed on the sides of Indus River. The Upper Indus Plain consists of the areas of upper Punjab while the Lower Indus Plain constitutes the agricultural lands of Southern Punjab and Sindh. The river forms its delta in lower Sindh at the point of Theta before falling into the Arabian Sea. Other plains of Pakistan are deserts and coastal areas. Thal and Cholistan in Southern parts of Punjab while Tharparker in Sindh constitutes deserts of Pakistan, whereas the maritime belt runs from the city of Karachi to the Gwadar region of Baluchistan.

Four Seasons of Pakistan
Pakistan has also been blessed with all the four seasons. Each one of them provides a suitable temperature for the growth of several crops and fruit plants. The country has the coldest weather of winter in the North and the warmest weather of summer in its Central and Southern areas. The weather of Karachi, however, remains moderate throughout the year.