Europe’s Mass Migrants Crisis

Europe's Mass Migrants Crisis

Search for Peaceful Existence Amid War
War rarely leaves any home for a peaceful life. Middle East today has most of its countries either under the foreign attacks or indulged in civil wars. This civil war along with bringing death and misery to its people has also forced them to leave their homes and migrate to the neighboring states.

Host Countries of Migrants
The World in general and Europe, in particular, came under the onslaught of migrants from the war-torn states of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and some African countries. Most of them headed towards the neighboring peaceful European countries of Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Sweden, France and Italy.

Migrant Crisis under the Limelight
The crisis is seen as the largest mass migration since after the 2nd World War. The crisis began as early as 2011 when several migrants crossed the borders to enter into European states via Turkey and Greece. The migration took limelight when the dead body of a toddler migrant named ‘Alyan Kurdi’ was found on the shores of Turkey after a ship of migrants sunk.

Reaction of the Global Community
It was a call for sympathy and humanity all across the world. The European Union immediately reacted and settled ‘migrants-acceptance quota’ for its several members. The Middle Eastern Muslims hailed Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel for showing great concern for the migrants. Turkey became the country to host the most number of migrants which was over two hundred thousand. In the latest run, the USA and the new government of Canada also accepted migrants from Syria. Arab states were condemned for not in-taking the desirable number of migrants.

Checks on the further Migrations & the Unending Consequences of Crisis
But that was not the end of it. Tides began to turn soon after. Migrants were not only a burden on the host states but also a threat to their security. Seeing the rising influx of the migrants, Austria, and some other Europian countries began to seal their borders.

While the European community is trying to deal the crisis by border patrolling the incidents of migrants’ ship wreckage, have become the order of the day. Several women and children along with their men lose lives in the oceans in the wake of their effort to cross the waters in search of peace.