Karakorum Highway

Known to be a candidate for the 8th wonder of the world, Karakoram Highway stands among the world's highest paved roads. Another thing that makes it unique is that the road is international and connects the Xinjiang region of China with the Pakistan's semi-autonomous province of Gilgit-Baltistan.

With the total length of 1300 km, Karakoram Highway has its major part of 887 km in Pakistan and a smaller part of 413 km in China.

The construction of this road began in 1959. In collective figures, more than a thousand Pakistani and Chinese workers taking part in the construction died. The mighty roadway sought completion in 1979. The road is of significant importance to both the countries for enhancing trade activities between them. In lieu of the current China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the road will be connected with the network of national highways of Pakistan leading it to Gwadar. The road also secures its importance as a tourist attraction for being an easy lead to several tourist points of the North of Pakistan. Abbottabad, Chilas and Gilgit are among the several towns through which it passes.

Believed to have built on the traces of the ancient 'Silk Route', Karakorum Highway also played a vital role in improving the economic condition of the natives and establishing cultural links between both the countries. The road is also called 'Friendship Highway' to commemorate the friendly relationship between Pakistan and China.

Karakorum Highway (KKH) at Attabad Barrier Lake
Noticeable progress has also been made in transport infrastructure that is evident from the construction of Pak-China friendship tunnel at KKH. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has inaugurated the project of 24 km patch of KKH containing five tunnels at Attabad Barrier Lake on 14 September 2015. The KKH is the only land route that connect Pakistan and China, which was re-open to traffic after being cut off by an Attabad lake for over five years.


  1. What is the official name of Karakorum Highway in Pakistan?
    1. NH-5
    2. NH-25
    3. NH-35

  2. Karakoram Highway was completed in 1979. In which year it was opened to public?
    1. 1986
    2. 1988
    3. 1980

  3. Which construction agency constructed the part of the road in Pakistan?
    1. Arfco Construction Company
    2. Frontier Works Organization
    3. National Construction Enterprise

  4. At what elevation Karakoram Highway has been built?
    1. 4693 Metres
    2. 5693 Metres
    3. 4693 Metres


  1. C
  2. A
  3. B
  4. A