Iran's Perspective of CPEC

Iran's economic growth has been underdeveloped as a result of global sanctions over its nuclear program. But, Iran's historic nuclear deal with the P5+1, when effected, will open up new possibilities. With 10 percent of the world's established oil reserves, Iran's entrance into the business community has gotten Pakistani trade and economic representatives to journey to Tehran with the intention of win Iranian business interest. With a billions of dollars worth of Iranian funds entering the global economy, nations are tweaking their financial plans to accommodate this flow of income. The oil-rich country's admittance into the world market will considerably alter the global oil market as well.

Energy-hungry China is looking for alternative routes to import oil and gas, with Iran in the loop; China can double-down on its access to Iranian oil and gas. Additionally, the decades-old vision of the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline can now be fully realized, and CPEC will provide the country with much-needed accessibility to the east.