Baluchistan Insurgency

Baloch militancy is one of the other few challenges faced by CPEC that need to be addressed, which may be the result of the absence of political will or incompetence. Although many militant groups are operating in the region, Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) is one of the deadliest militant groups which takes responsibilities of regular attacks on security forces and installations in Balochistan. In late August 2015, heavily armed militants stormed Jiwani Airport, which is coastal town of Gwadar district and located strategically near the Pakistan-Iran coastal border. In the attack militant destroyed its radar system, killing two engineers.

In another assault, on the outskirts of Gwadar port, four workers were kidnapped and killed, and containers carrying cement were burnt. The Baloch Republican Army (BRA) claimed responsibility and reasoned that workers were engaged in building a road that is opposed by the militants.

Baloch militants have been attacking vital government installations, security forces, multinational companies, gas pipelines, construction companies, and containers for years now. Recently, laborers have also become their primary target.

A total of 22 Pashtuns passengers of a Karachi-bound bus were killed in the attack on May 29th by disguised in the uniforms of the paramilitary police. The gunmen checked the ID cards before slaughtering all those they considered not native to the province of Balochistan. This time, responsibility was claimed by the United Baloch Army, part of a tangle of separatist groups in the region.

A deadly attack of killing 20 workers and wounding three took place in April 2015 when Baloch militants attacked a labor camp near the construction site of the dam in southwestern Balochistan.

A large number of companies are working, connecting the port city of Gwadar with other parts of Pakistan, between Gwadar and the provincial capital Quetta. These companies workers are never safe in the region, because of the activities of Baloch militants, an insurgency by nationalist, and separatist Baloch groups those want complete autonomy from Islamabad.