Fear and doubts among people in Balochistan

The native people of the coastal town of Gwadar, which is a gateway to the a much discussed China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), should have their strong opinions when it comes to securing the benefits from this $46 billion project. As such, the concern is rising over speculation that the project will help only China, with little to offer locals. Baloch nationalist leader assumed that It is a conspiracy against locals to convert their population into a minority, rather than to empower them. They do refer Karachi as an obvious example where the local people are marginalized in the name of economic development. The Baloch nationalist fears the same with Gwadar unless precautions are taken place to ensure the constitutional rights of indigenous Balochs before the massive construction kicks-off under CPEC. Pakistan establishment denies the allegation and insists that Balouchistan would be a major beneficiary from CPEC with drastic improvements in the economic and social lives of residents.