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SHEIR-Industry Partnership

About SHEIR-Industry Partnership (SHEIR-IP)

SHEIR-Industry Partnership is a program helping industry to improve their business environment productivity and competitiveness through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills in partnership with academics. SHEIR-Industry Partnership is one of the world's leading knowledge transfer mechanisms, which provide academics with the unique opportunity to apply research to real world business projects. To find out more about how SHEIR-IP could benefit you and your university department please Register Your Interest Here


Through SHEIR-IP, Academics can:
  • Develop business relevent teaching and research material
  • Apply knowlede and experties to important business problems
  • Identify new research themes and postgraduate/PhD projects

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SHEIR-IP one of the world's leading recruiters
If you want to apply your degree, start a real job straight away and gain a professional qualification, then a SHEIR-IP is what you are looking for. You should be inquisitive, bright and serious about getting ahead. Only the most enthuistic graduates need apply.
With a SHEIR-IP you take ownership of a project that is core to the development of the organization strategy.
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