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Our Story
SHEIR is an educational, research and development organization that aims to build a society with focus on knowledge based economy through better use of knowledge, skills and technology in partnership with industry.

SHEIR is a platform to provide learning opportunities and high tech educational solutions to students, teachers, and parents in a collaborative manner. SHEIR also provides Industrial Partnership program (SIP) to help industry to improve their business environment productivity and competitiveness through the better use of knowledge, skills and technology in partnership with academics.

The organization has operated a successful non-profit social enterprise for over 5 years, providing meaningful part-time and full time job opportunities for educated people which also includes individuals with disabilities and females working from home in an integrated and inclusive business setting, both at SHEIR and in the community.

What We Do?
Our activities span education, research, training and development, and the promotion of collaboration between the academics and industrial partners.

We generate educational contents, tools, and software/applications with aim to assist and help students, teachers, and parents to develop knowledge base society.

SHEIR is an educational technology and innovative organization, actively involved in transferring academic knowledge into industry. Our expertise also includes grooming young talent and introducing new products into market.

Social Enterprise
Social enterprise is a well popular term used these days in academia especially in business schools and in the market of nonprofit world. What does "social enterprise" mean and how does it work? SHEIR defines social enterprise as "commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human development by solving social problems".

It's been happening at SHEIR for 5 years. At SHEIR you'll find a mix of educated people and individuals with disabilities, students, housewives and those need some extra income in a respectable manner, all given a fair home's pay for a fair and creative home's work. For many of our employees, if it weren't for SHEIR, they wouldn't have other job opportunities. SHEIR helps create self-sufficiency through meaningful work in an inclusive business environment.

SHEIR-Industrial Partnership (SIP) is one of the leading knowledge transfer mechanisms, which provide students and academics with the unique opportunity to apply educational skills and research expertise to real world business projects. Current SHEIR projects includes: Research & Development, Publishing, Student Assistance Centre, and SHEIR-Awards.

Leader Ship and Team
The SHEIR Leadership Team provides guidance and oversight to the organization in pursuit of its mission to create part-time employment opportunities for educated people mainly working from home. Their individual and collective leadership experience ensures that the strategies, operations and culture of the organization lead to service excellence, organizational liveliness and meaningful job opportunities.

Details of team members will be updated soon.

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