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SHEIR is one of the leading organization for advancing the education and industrial research. Supported by worldwide network of qualified members and international publishing business, our activities span education, research, training and development, and the promotion of collaboration between the academics and industrial partners. Our aim is to help you to recognise your work in international community through publishing. We are offering an exceptional range of publishing services for peer-reviewed journals, magazines, books and databases to the scientific and other communities.

Why publishing?
We do get excited when we see our name get published may be on the cover of a beautiful book. Apart from the personal pleasure of writing and publishing your work, one of the obvious advantages is the very important additional line on your CV! In fact, the more of these lines there are on your CV, the more attractive it will appear to prospective employers, particularly if those employers are Research & development institutions who keep a careful eye on their R&D or ranking. Another reason for publishing is the need to get your name out in the field, and build your reputation. However, you may feel that you have enough work to do with your current studies, without worrying about writing articles, MCQ's or others. But it can be make easily, for example, you can re-work your material from an earlier assignment, undergraduate, and Master's work. Perhaps you may feel that you are not 'good enough' to get published your work or having fare it would be rejected. Here we should know that even the most established individuals receive rejections, so it is not the end of the world and try again in light of reviewers comments. Recently SHEIR has taken initiative to encourage youngster to get recognized through writing and publishing with us. The aim of this activity is to enhance creative writing and presentation skills while studying. You can submit your creative work any time at contact@sheir.org.

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