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Materials for photovoltaics and catalysis and their applications in sustainable development

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Current Research Projects

(b) Photocatalytic CO2; reduction by organo-Mn/Re-complexes and reaction mechanism
The challenges to bring CO2 reduction to the mainstream industry are large indeed, and nascent technology still requires a fundamental understanding of several fundamental aspects of photocatalysis before significant advances can be made and utilized. Researchers in the field have identified three elements crucial for improving photocatalytic efficiencies for CO2 reduction:

1) matching the material's photo-response to the full solar spectrum
2) adequate physical separation of charges to prevent recombination, and
3) providing charges that are energetically and kinetically capable of desired chemistry.

With the elements mentioned above in mind, our scientific objectives will be to design a photo-driven molecular catalyst that can be driven with visible light while controlling the distance and orientation between the redox components so that the effects of molecular structure on electron transfer rates can be probed during the photoreduction of CO2. This strategy is well-suited to the study of the stepwise multi-electron reduction of Re/Mn-based CO2 reduction catalysts. By integrating a photo-driven donor-chromophore system with a series of Re/Mn CO2 reduction catalysts and studying the intermediates in the catalytic cycle using time-resolved spectroscopy, this project will determine the structural and electronic features that control each step of the catalytic mechanism leading to effective solar fuels catalysts.