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Group Members

Our group members include scientists, postdocs, and PhD students

Research Interest

Materials for photovoltaics and catalysis and their applications in sustainable development

Research Facilities

State-of-the-art research facilities


PhD and Postdoc positions are available time to time

Leisure time

I am fond of sports, travel and photography


A few selected images and videos

Funding and Collaborations

Project 1: Molecular engineered HTM materials for perovskite solar cell (2016-2019)
Three-year QEERI-EPFL collaboration grant in collaboration with EPFL Switzerland.

Project 2: Photocatalytic CO2 reduction by organo-Mn/Re-complexes and reaction mechanism (2016-2019)
Three years NPRP grants through QNRF in collaboration with North Western University USA, and Texas A&M University at Qatar.

Project 3: Valorisation of CO2 into value added products (2016-2019)
Three years internal QEERI/HBKU grant.