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Our group members include scientists, postdocs, and PhD students

Research Interest

Materials for photovoltaics and catalysis and their applications in sustainable development

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State-of-the-art research facilities


PhD and Postdoc positions are available time to time

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I am fond of sports, travel and photography


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Current Research Projects

(a) Molecular engineered Hole Transport Materials (HTM) for perovskite solar cell
Our research group has an interest in developing inexpensive PV materials that include alternative spiro-annulated HTM and perovskite absorbing materials (both organic and inorganic light harvester).

In this work, we are the development of an alternative spiro-annulated HTM materials using simple preparation procedures and characterizing using various optical, thermal and electrochemical measurements.

The aim is to develop a novel molecular structure with improved stability and efficiency, showing potentials as un-sublimed low-cost HTM to replace widely-used spiro-OMeTAD. The goal is to achieve PCE >24% and stability >1000hrs of perovskite solar cell by 2019.

J. Mater. Chem. A, 2016, Advance Article DOI: 10.1039/C6TA09028A