Financial Computing with MATLAB

Start your MATLAB and write first few programs in 'Command Window'.

Simplification in MATLAB
Basic simplification in Matlab. The use of brackets, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.

MATLAB Functions
List of some commonly used built-in Mathematical functions in MATLAB and their examples.

Creating Vector (One dimensional array) in Matlab.

Matrix in Matlab
How to generate matrix in Matlab. Creating Matrix (Two dimensional array).

Vectors in Matlab
Creating large vectors (One dimensional arrays) of different spaces/sizes.

Matrix Algebra
Learn basic matrix algebra. Arithmetical operations of Matrices in Matlab.

If/else Conditions
Basic decision making using if/else conditions in Matlab

If/else Programs
More basic programs using if/else conditions in Matlab

Financial Mathematics Notes
View the online notes for Financial Mathematics (CT1)
Financial Computing with C++
Learn Financial Computing with C++ step by step
GRE Mathematics
Preparation for GRE Mathematics Subject Test by ETS
Mathematics Revision Notes
Mathematics quick revision notes and preparation material