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You can reserve up to three topics from this category (A) or one topic from category-A, and one topic from category-B. All topics should be reserved by three different candidates.

How to reserve topic(s)?
You can reserve topic(s) by sending an email to reserve.sheir@gmail.com. In the subject of email, you should mention category name. Once you have reserved the topic, you need to send the written work within seven days. If you fail to send the topic within seven days, it will be reopened again for other candidates. And, you won't be allowed to reserve the same topic(s) again.

How to submit written work?
Download the SHEIR submission form to submit your work. And, send it to submit.sheir@gmail.com. In the subject of email, you should mention category name and title of the topic. You should send one topic in one email (and NOT more than one topic in a single email).


Write an informative note (a few paragraphs) of about 200 words on the following topics + Related MCQs. A reader should be able to answer the MCQs after reading the note. Rates: Rs.200 per topic.

Kindly write in an academic style (Books' style) and NOT in an article style.
- Shanghai Cooperation Organisation | Reserved | Reserved | Reserved
- G-20 | Reserved | Reserved | Reserved
- BRICS | Reserved | Reserved | Reserved
- OPEC | Reserved | Reserved | Reserved
- Mountains ranges in Pakistan (Himalayas and the Hindu Kush range)
Reserved | Reserved | Reserved
- Highest paved International Road (KKH)
Reserved | Reserved | Reserved
- Khewara Salt Mines
- Highest Polo Field in the World (Shandur festival)
Reserved | Reserved | Reserved
- Edhi Foundation, the world's largest non-profit social welfare organization
- Pakistan; the only Islamic Country To Attain Nuclear Power
Reserved | Reserved | Reserved
- Pakistan, the Largest football supplier
Reserved | Reserved | Reserved
- One of the oldest Indus civilization (harapa and Moenjodaro)
Reserved | Reserved | Reserved
- Pakistan, a sports loving country (Historical Sports success in squash, hockey, cricket, and snooker)
Reserved | Reserved | Reserved
- Pakistan; tilled land of four seasons (at any time can have +20 to -20 degree Centigrade), land of deserts, agriculture planes, mountains and glaciers
Reserved | Reserved | Reserved