Rising China

Effective yet Peaceful Rise
Keeping itself abreast with the commandments of Mao Zedong and the necessities of the transforming world, China is rising effectively yet peacefully.

Unipolar World
End of Cold War cemented a unipolar world with the USA as its sole hegemon who had technological, economic and military powers not better than anyone else but everyone else. Being the superpower of the world, the USA practiced influence in Europe, Middle East and to some extent South East Asia.

Superpower in-Waiting
In the wake of rapid economic development and enhanced trade, the realists of international arena began to call China as the 'superpower-in-waiting'. But this was not the belief shared by all of them.

Former American Secretary of the State 'Henry Kissinger' calls the Chinese rise as nothing more than a 'psychological impact'.

US-China Comparison
Militarily China has the world's largest number of soldiers but this in no way surpasses the US military might. The tactics, weapons and aircraft technology and the experience of unilaterally directing the world order make US superior even now. Regarding the economy, US still has the GDP of over 17 trillion as compared to the Chinese GDP of 11 trillion according to the statics taken a previous year.

Transforming World and Chinese
The world is facing a change in alliances and interests. China though not overtake the USA very soon but it's not far away as well. According to various predictions, China will be the superpower within next 50 years or even a bit longer. The country has begun to show its presence in South China Sea, South Asia and Africa either through trade or other hegemonic designs.