Revival of Putin's Russia

Putin's Dissatisfaction with the Legacy of his Predecessors
Not conceding to the legacy of Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, Russian President 'Vladimir Putin' has been ruling the country since 1999 from one office or the other; with the implicit ambition to open that phase of history when the Great Soviet Union was disintegrated.

Manifestations of Russian Revival in International Political Arena
The latest manifestation of Putin's this rhetoric is explicit when he readily accepted the invitation of Al-Assad government in 2015 to launch the airstrikes apparently against the ISIL but secretly to curb the rebels and support its Syrian ally. This drastic action of Russia was followed by another incident in 2014 which could be seen as the focal point of changing world order. The incident shook the world when Russia annexed Crimea - a part of Ukraine.

Sanctions on Russia curbing its Ambitions
Hit by the severe sanctions soon after Crimean chapter, Putin pledged to uphold Russian vigor by commanding the people 'to produce and eat their own' with a clear challenge to the West as in words of Fidel Castro; "We don't want them (West), we don't need them."

Russian Economy
The economy is the lifeline of a rising state. Putin's years of rule from 2000 to 2008 as President marked distinct economic growth. Along with several other reasons, this was because of high oil prices amid the massive production of crude oil by Russia. Since after he assumed office in 2012, the growth record has not been narrating the same success story. Ranking among the top five economies of the world, Russia now stands not even in the first ten according to its Nominal GDP Rank. It is the aspect which reflects that Russia might be losing oomph.

Alliances Maintained by Russia
But economy alone never determines state's power. Other factors, mostly political ones also account for in this regard. One of these important factors is 'alliance'. Russia and China have never been on the same ideological page despite the fact that both are communist states. It is because of their self-defined postulates of communism. However, at the forum of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), they are one when it comes to challenging the hegemony of the US. Secondly, the alliance of Russia with oil-rich Iran in the Middle East is changing the game in the Middle East particularly after when Iran has made re-entry into the world market after the end of sanctions.

Unsafe Prediction
In a compact analysis, it cannot be safely predicted that Russia will seek its lost glory, but it will also not be wise to close eyes to the awakening of 'Russian Bear' from the dormancy which began with the collapse of Soviet Union. The evolving world order will be affected by it.