Pakistan Affairs

Pakistan achieved independence from British Rule on 14 August 1947, and became member of the United Nations on 30 September 1947. Pakistan is 6th largest country in terms of population, and 36th largest in terms of area. Pakistan is 25th largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity, 38th largest in terms of nominal GDP, and has 8th largest army in the world.

Pakistan conducted its nuclear tests on 28 May 1998 and is one of the eight declared nuclear power states in the world. On 13 March 2015 Pakistan successfully test fires laser-guided missile from unmanned aerial vehicle (Drone) and became one of the five countries to have tested this sophisticated technology. And, on 7 September 2015, Pakistan conducted the first use of its drone, "Burraq", in Shawal Valley of North Wazristan.

From the last decade Pakistan is passing through a grave crisis. But, the main four problems are:

  1. Law and Order situation in Pakistan
  2. Supremacy of the Constitution
  3. Stable democratic government
  4. Energy problem

Pakistan; tilled land of four seasons, land of deserts, agricultural planes, mountains & glaciers

Indus Valley Civilization (Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro); one of the oldest civilizations in the world


Pakistan has been the most successful country in Hockey and has won the Men's Hockey World Cup for four times in: 1971, 1978, 1982 and 1994. Hockey is the national game of Pakistan.

Cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan. And, Pakistan has won the Cricket ODI World Cup of 1992, and Cricket T20 World Cup of 2009.

Pakistan has been the most successful country in Squash also. Pakistan has won squash men's world open for 14 times. Eight times by Jansher Khan, and six times by Jahangir Khan.

Pakistan; a sport loving country!

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Mamnoon Hussain (since 9 September 2013)
Prime Minister (Chief Executive)
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif (since 5 June 2013)
Chief Justice
Mian Saqib Nisar (since 31 December 2016)
Army Chief
General Qamar Javed (since 29 November 2016)

Motto:Faith, Unity, Discipline
Area:796,095 km2 (36th)
Population:195.4 million (6th)
GDP (PPP):$982 billion (25th) - 2016
GDP (nominal):$285 billion (38th) - 2016
GDP Growth:4.71% (2016)
Largest CityKarachi

Speaker National Assembly
Ayaz Sadiq (since 3 June 2013)
Chairman Senate
Raza Rabbani (since 12 March 2015)
Chief Election Commissioner
Sardar Muhammad Raza (since 6 December 2014)
The ISI Chief
Lt. General Naveed Mukhtar (since 7 December 2016)

Markhor is Pakistan's national animal.

National Flora and Fauna of Pakistan

Bird:Cikor (or Chakur)

Karakoram (K2) Mountain

K2 is the second highest mountain in the world. And, the highest in Pakistan. Its height is 28,251 feet. It is located in the northern Pakistan along the border of China.
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Salt Mine

The salt mine is located in Khewra, Jhelum district. It is the second largest salt mine in the world.
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Highest Polo Field in the World

The world's highest polo field in Chitral hosts a three-day 'Shundur Polo Festival' in July (annually).
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