The Largest

Iguazu Falls is the largest Waterfalls system in the world.

The Largest in the World. The Largest in the Universe.

  • The Largest planet in the solar system is Jupiter
  • The Largest producer of Uranium is Kazakhstan
  • The Largest emitter of Carbondioxide in the atmosphere is China
  • The world's longest land border between the two countries is the border between United States and Canada.

Largest Continent, Ocean and Sea

Continent (by Area)Asia
Continent (by Population)Asia
SeaMediterranean Sea

Largest Country in the World

Country (by Area)Russia
Country (by Population)China
Landlocked CountryKazakhstan

Largest River and Lake in the World

River (by Length)Nile River
River (by discharge of water)Amazon River
LakeCaspian Sea
Saline Water LakeCaspian Sea
Fresh Water (by Surface Area)Lake Superior
Fresh Water (by Volume)Lake Baikal

Largest Desert in the World

Cold DesertAntarctica
Hot DesertSahara

NOTE: Sahara Desert is also the hottest desert in the world. And, Atacama Desert is the driest desert in the world.

Largest Archipelago and Island in the World


Largest Bird and Animal in the world

AnimalBlue Whale
Land AnimalAfrican bush elephant
ReptileSaltwater Crocodile
BirdOstrich (Common Ostrich)
EggsEggs laid by Ostrich

More Largest in the World

Democracy (by electorate)India
DeltaSunderban or Ganges (Bangladesh & India)
LibraryBritish Library, London
ParkNortheast Greenland National Park
Waterfalls SystemIguazu Falls
Mountain RangeAndes
Number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites are inItaly


The Highest and Tallest in the World

The Smallest, Lowest, and Deepest in the World

The First in the World

The 5 Oceans of the World