Who is Responsible for Syrian Civil War?

"Who is Responsible for Syrian Civil War?"

The poll has been conducted on one of the overwhelming international issues. According to the majority of the voters the United States of America is chiefly responsible for Syrian War followed by Al-Asad Government of Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The United States of America, being the world hegemon, has been the central power in defining the course of the Syrian War and that's why it is held responsible for escalation of this conflict in most of the polls conducted across the world.

It seems people also believe that US invasion of Iraq on 20 March 2003 has destabilized the nucleaus of this peaceful region completely.

A similar poll conducted in Syria by a research organization 'ORB International' reveals that the Syrian people not only consider the US responsible for the War imposed on them but also in creation of the militant Islamic State. They also blame the US for evading a number of opportunities to make peace in Syria.

As far as the stubbornness of other states like Saudi Arabis and Iran in bringing peace to Syria is concerned, they are more engaged in feeding their traditional rift rather than devising a neutral plan for the war-wrecked Syrain people.

Thus, the voters have rightly pointed out the countries responsible in fueling the Syrian War.