US Presidential Elections

The US Presidential Elections 2016

Does it matter to the World who is American President?
It matters a lot within the USA as well as across the globe that which American political party is in power there and with what foreign policy. It is because of the USA is the contemporary world hegemon, and this position makes the country's presidential elections a matter of great concern and interest.

The Presidential System of the USA
The USA has a presidential system of government in which a President is elected for a term of four years. Presidential elections are indirectly conducted. People from all the US states vote for the contestant nominated by the parties to form Electoral College.

The electoral college of 538 winning members, from the total 1076 contestants in all the 50 US states, is formed. Out of the said 538 winning members the party which has 270 and over votes of electors, wins the election and brings forth the new president.

Intra Party Elections
Just like the previous one, the US Presidential Election 2016 has two mainstream political parties - Republicans and Democrats. Both the parties are going through an intra-party election for the choice of two presidential elections' final candidates.

Main Contestants of the Two Major American Political Parties
Brienne Sanders and Hillary Clinton from the Democratic Party and Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio from the Republican Party are the prominent contestants of intra-party elections respectively. Currently, Donald Trump of the Republican Party has in the limelight for his popularity in polls and his controversial statements in the debates. Green Party, Reform Party and Libertarian Party are some other political parties pledging to contest the elections.

Campaign, Election Day and Assumption of the Office by New President
Once the political parties select the final candidates, there will begin the period of the campaign. The campaign of the US Presidential Elections is also called 'The Great Battle'. The Election will finally take place on November 8, 2016. The winning contestant will assume the office of the American President in January. In the time between he will select the members of his cabinet.