Merits & Demerits of Photovoltaic

Photovoltaic systems have some merits and unique advantages over conventional power-generating technologies.

  1. PV systems can be designed for a variety of applications and operational requirements, and

  2. It can be used for either centralized or distributed power generation.

  3. PV systems have no moving parts, are modular, easily expandable and even transportable in some cases.

  4. Energy independence and environmental compatibility are two attractive features of PV systems.

  5. The fuel (sunlight) is free, and PV operating systems are noise or pollution free.

In general, well-designed and properly installed PV systems requires minimal maintenance and have long service lifetimes.

Presently, the high cost of PV modules and equipment (as compared to conventional energy sources) is the primary limiting factor for the technology. In some cases, required surface area for PV arrays may be a limiting factor as a result of low efficiency of the PV cell. Due to the diffuse nature of sunlight and the current conversion efficiencies of photovoltaic devices, surface area requirements for PV array installations are from 8 to 12 m-2 (86 to 129 ft-2) per kilowatt of installed peak array capacity. Solar panels efficiency are relatively low (between 14% - 25%) compared to the effectiveness levels of oil and gas energy systems.

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The required Surface area for PV array installations is from 8 to 12 m-2 (86 to 129 ft-2) _____ of installed peak array capacity.

  1. per watt
  2. per kilowatt
  3. per megawatt
  4. per gigawatt