Sounds of Animals and Birds Quizzes

The following multiple choice questions (MCQs) are from the sounds of animals and birds. You can learn the related vocabulary at Sounds of Animals and Birds page. View answers to the quizzes at the bottom of the page.

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11. Camels __________ to vent out their feelings.
(A) howl
(B) cry
(C) grunt
(D) bleat

12. Horses began to __________ in the battlefield.
(A) growl
(B) low
(C) yelp
(D) neigh

13. Birds look charming when they __________ .
(A) hiss
(B) chirp
(C) chatter
(D) grunt

14. Wolves and jackals __________ at night.
(A) howl
(B) cry
(C) shriek
(D) roar

15. Crows began to __________ when the hunter aimed at them.
(A) sing
(B) caw
(C) chirp
(D) crow

16. Lions __________ in the forest.
(A) bark
(B) shriek
(C) roar
(D) howl

17. Dogs __________ at strangers.
(A) bleat
(B) grunt
(C) bark
(D) gibber

18. Eagles __________ at their prey.
(A) scream
(B) caw
(C) chirp
(D) hiss

19. Lambs __________ very innocently.
(A) bellow
(B) bleat
(C) yelp
(D) scream

20. Owls ___ at night.
(A) hoot
(B) cry
(C) coo
(D) screech

11. C
12. D
13. B
14. A
15. B
16. C
17. C
18. A
19. B
20. A