Pakistan; a nuclear power country

28th of May also named as ‘Yom-e-Takbeer’ is the day celebrated every year to commemorate the achievement of Pakistan in 1998 when it successfully tested the atomic bomb at Chagai thus becoming the first Islamic country to acquire nuclear power. It was the day when some Middle Eastern Islamic states were equally enthusiastic over the gain of Pakistan. The nuclear bomb of Pakistan was dubbed as ‘Islamic Bomb’. Pakistan enjoys the privilege of being the only Islamic state with nuclear capacity. Several Muslim countries including Iran are also trying to attain the similar technology.

Pakistan; a nuclear power countryPakistan’s nuclear test: May 28, 1998.

Though there are reports that the said Muslim States like Saudi Arabia and Libya financed Pakistan’s nuclear program but in real terms it was not the pan-Islamic ideology that made the acquirement for nuclear bomb inevitable for Pakistan. It was more a threat from India to the existence of Pakistan that compelled the civil and military regimes to pursue vehemently yet surreptitiously the aim for nuclear technology.

In the contemporary run, Pakistan is blamed for having plans of the secret proliferation of nuclear technology to the Gulf States, but this lacks evidence. Pakistan determined to use its nuclear capability as deterrence preventing any attack from India. Pakistan’s nuclear doctrines are more India-specific and rarely Islamic-oriented. However, some circles still believe that in distant future Pakistan’s nuclear capability can be used to deter Israel. But it’s mere a hypothesis. Pakistan believes in establishing brotherly relations with Islamic World but without compromising the international non-proliferation guidelines.