Pakistan General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Pakistan is a multicultural and multi-ethnic country located in south Asia. Pakistan is a federal republic with two legislative houses: (1) Senate (the upper house), and (2) National Assembly (the lower house). The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad and the largest city is Karachi. The president is head of the state while prime minister is head of the government. So, prime minister is chief executive and the most powerful person in the country.

Current Affairs of Pakistan

General Knowledge about Pakistan

The official name is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The official religion is Islam, and the official languages are English and Urdu. Pakistan is the only country in the world that was created in the name of Islam. The national language is Urdu while the most spoken language is Punjabi.

  • Quaid-e-Azam; the founder and first governor general of Pakistan
  • Allama Iqbal; the thinker and national poet of Pakistan
  • Chaudhry Rehmat Ali; coined the name of Pakistan
  • Hafeez Jalandhri; wrote the national anthem of Pakistan
  • Sir Syed Ahmed Khan; gave the “Two Nation Theory”
  • Liaquat Ali Khan; the first Prime Minister of Pakistan.