NTS Electrical Engineering MCQs

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NTS Electrical Engineering Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

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6. The configuration of two equal and opposite charges separated by a distance is called a/an
(A) electric field
(B) electromotive force
(C) potential difference
(D) electric dipole moment

7. Human heart functions as a source of
(A) battery
(B) capacitor
(C) electromotive force
(D) electric dipole moment

8. The unit of electromotive force is
(A) joule/coulomb
(B) joule/volt
(C) farad
(D) tesla

9. In metals, the charge carriers are
(A) protons
(B) electrons
(C) neutrons
(D) positrons

10. The junction rule (also known as Kirchhoff’s first law) is a direct consequence of
(A) Lorentz force
(B) electromotive force
(C) conservation of charge
(D) conservation of energy

6. (D) electric dipole moment
7. (C) electromotive force
8. (A) joule/coulomb
9. (B) electrons
10. (C) conservation of charge