Nigeria: Key Facts

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10 facts you should know about Nigeria!

1. Nigeria’s Economic Revival
Africa has for long faced the problems of imperialism and slavery. Even after independence most of its countries could not learn the art of economic gains despite the fact that nearly all countries are rich in one or the other natural resource. Nigeria however has set a new precedent. Despite facing political turmoil for decades and immense corruption, the country has become Africa’s largest economy since 2014. Previously, this position was enjoyed by South Africa.

2. Nigerian Civil War
Nigeria faced a dreadful civil war just six years after independence. This period of domestic upheaval from 1967 to 1970 retarded the country’s natural growth. Sharp religio-cultural differences between the Southern and the Northern parts of the country along with apparent deviations in multiple ethnicity became the primary cause of the civil war.

3. Nigeria under the Rule of Military Juntas
Following the civil war, Nigeria remained in the iron clutches of two military juntas. The first military junta ruled the country from 1966 to 1979. With a brief interlude of democracy from 1979 to 1983 a second period of military rule commenced that lasted till 1999.

4. Multilingual Nigeria
There are several hundreds of ethnic groups living in Nigeria which speak more than 500 different languages. This makes Nigeria one of the world’s most diverse multinational states. Despite the country adopted ‘English’ as its official language to conduct official interactions.

5. National Sports
Football is national sports of Nigeria. The country has its international football team that participate in FIFA international football. At domestic level it has maintained its own league to conduct various periodical tournaments.

6. Nok Civilization
Nigeria is the land of one of the world’s oldest civilization. Nok Civilization took birth and evolved in the territory that is today a major part of Nigeria. This civilization dates back in hundreds of years Before Christ.

7. River Niger
It is the largest river of West Africa. Nigeria has the water of Niger running through its lands. The country has also accrued its name from the word ‘Niger’.

8. Nollywood
Nigeria has established its own film industry depicting its unique and diverse culture in movies every year. Nollywood releases the most number of movies in the world after Hollywood. This also plays role in advancing Nigeria’s fashion industry.

9. Failed Prediction of USA about the Fall of Nigeria
Several journals had predicted about the fall and breakdown of Nigeria in 2015 due to its diverse sectarian and ethnic outlook. This anticipation has however failed and the country has successfully elected its new president in 2015 general elections.

10. Africa Most Populous Country
Nigeria stands as the Africa’s most populous country with the population of nearly 170 million. A major part of the country’s population is its youth which if provided with proper employment and facilities can advance Nigeria’s politico-economic position in the region.