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Every one is minor who have not attained the age of 18. Before completion of 18 years a person is a minor. Once he has completed 18 years, he is of the age of majority.

In following two cases the age of majority is 21 years:

  • A guardian of minor’s person and property has been appointed by the Court under the Guardians and Wards Act 1890.
  • A minor is under the guardianship of court of wards.

Position of Minor at Law
Law protects minor against his inexperience and inability of proper decisions.

Nature of Minor’s Agreements

  1. Agreement with a minor is void ab initio
  2. Minor may be a promisee or beneficiary
  3. Minor cannot become a partner nor can a new partnership be started with minor as a partner
  4. Minor can be an agent
  5. There can be no specific performance of an agreement made by a minor
  6. A minor can always plead minority
  7. Minor cannot ratify the agreements entered into during minority on the attainment of majority
  8. A minor cannot be adjudged insolvent
  9. A minor is liable for the necessaries supplied to him or to his dependents.