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Pakistan Current Affairs Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Test (Year 2020) with Answers. Find the latest and important online Pakistan Affairs MCQs (Current Affairs of Pakistan MCQs).
1. Pakistan’s “Financial Year” starts on 1st of
(A) January
(B) June
(C) July
(D) August

2. As of 6 June 2020, how many people have been died in Pakistan by Covid-19?
(A) 1735
(B) 1835
(C) 1935
(D) 2035

3. The current policy rate of State Bank of Pakistan is
(A) 8.5%
(B) 8.0%
(C) 7.5%
(D) 7.0%

1. (C) July
2. (C) 1935
3. (B) 8.0%  (See below ↓ for regular Pakistan affairs questions)

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1. According to the Transparency International Report 2020, corruption in Pakistan _____ during 2019.
(A) decreased
(B) increased
(C) remained the same
(D) was negligible

2. Pakistan corruption index worsened from 117 in 2018 to _____ in 2019.
(A) 118
(B) 119
(C) 120
(D) 121

3. Who is the current ambassador of Pakistan to the United States?
(A) Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry
(B) Ali Jehangir Siddiqui
(C) Jalil Abbas Jilani
(D) Dr. Asad Majeed

4. On 21 December 2019 Justice Gulzar Ahmed took oath as _____ chief justice of Pakistan.
(A) 23rd
(B) 25th
(C) 27th
(D) 29th

5. As of June 2020, how many amendments have been passed to the Constitution of Pakistan?
(A) 23
(B) 24
(C) 25
(D) 26

1. (B) increased
2. (C) 120
3. (D) Dr. Asad Majeed
4. (C) 27th
5. (D) 26 Next: Pakistan Affairs MCQs 6–10

Current Affairs of Pakistan Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from 1 to 5. These MCQs are from current issues and recent developments in Pakistan as well as historical facts and geographical features of Pakistan. Test your knowledge by attempting these online questions for your FPSC, PPSC, NTS and other exams in Pakistan. Find answers to the questions at the bottom of the page (after every 5th question). These multiple choice questions (MCQs) of Pakistan affairs and current affairs of Pakistan are suitable for assistant director, custom, intelligence officer tests by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), Pakistan and for different NTS Tests.

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