General Knowledge MCQs GK Online Test Questions with Answers

General knowledge MCQs questions with answers for test preparation 2022. GK Online Test is given as Online MCQs Test in multiple choice format. These are the most important and most repeated GK MCQ. General knowledge is abbreviated as GK and multiple choice questions are abbreviated as MCQs. General Knowledge MCQ tests general awareness about the world, its habitats, important facts and historical events including current issues. Current and latest general knowledge MCQs questions and answers test.

General Knowledge (GK) MCQs

Q. The 2022 summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held on 15 and 16 September 2022 in
(A) Beijing
(B) Moscow
(C) Tashkent
(D) Samarkand

The answer is: (D) Samarkand ☑

Q. Samarkand is an historic city. It is located in
(A) Russia
(B) Tashkent
(C) Uzbekistan
(D) Kazakhstan

The answer is: (C) Uzbekistan ☑

Q. The “Hundred Years’ War” was a series of armed conflicts between the kingdoms of
(A) China and Japan
(B) England and France
(C) Canada and United States
(D) Spain and Italy

The answer is: (B) England and France ☑

Q. Three Gorges Dam has world’s largest power station. It is located in
(A) Canada
(B) China
(C) Russia
(D) United States

The answer is: (B) China ☑

Q. The total installed capacity of power station of the “Three Gorges Dam” in China is
(A) 10,500 MW
(B) 14,500 MW
(C) 18,500 MW
(D) 22,500 MW

The answer is: (D) 22,500 MW ☑

Q. “Angel Falls” is the world’s tallest waterfalls. It is located in which country?
(A) Argentina
(B) Canada
(C) Russia
(D) Venezuela

The answer is: (D) Venezuela ☑

Q. The United States’ state of “Alaska” shares maritime border with Canada and
(A) Mexico
(B) Iceland
(C) Greenland
(D) Russia

The answer is: (D) Russia ☑

Q. The “Hawaii” state of the United States is located about 2000 miles from the US mainland in the
(A) Atlantic ocean
(B) Pacific ocean
(C) Arctic ocean
(D) Mediterranean Sea

The answer is: (B) Pacific ocean ☑

Q. What is the name of the ocean that lies between Europe and the United States?
(A) Atlantic ocean
(B) Pacific ocean
(C) Arctic ocean
(D) Mediterranean Sea

The answer is: (A) Atlantic ocean ☑

Q. Which country is currently facing devastated flood that has displaced millions of people?
(A) India
(B) Bangladesh
(C) Pakistan
(D) Sri Lanka

The answer is: (C) Pakistan ☑

Q. Currently, there is an ongoing conflict in Ukraine. In which part of Europe Ukraine is located?
(A) Center
(B) East
(C) West
(D) South

The answer is: (B) East ☑

Q. Asia is the world’s most populous continent. The second most populous continent of the world is
(A) Africa
(B) Europe
(C) South America
(D) North America

The answer is: (A) Africa ☑

Q. Petronas is the largest oil and gas company of which country?
(A) Qatar
(B) Russia
(C) Malaysia
(D) Saudi Arabia

The answer is: (C) Malaysia ☑

Q. Which region of the world is currently expected to go under recession?
(A) Asia
(B) Africa
(C) Europe
(D) South America

The answer is: (C) Europe ☑

Q. The world’s largest island is Greenland. The world’s second largest island is
(A) Madagascar
(B) Borneo
(C) Sri Lanka
(D) New Guinea

The answer is: (D) New Guinea ☑

Q. The “Evergrande Group” is one of the largest real estate company in
(A) China
(B) Japan
(C) Germany
(D) United States

The answer is: (A) China ☑

Q. Palm oil has been mainly used in manufacturing of which products?
(A) Food
(B) Garments
(C) Industry
(D) Transportation

The answer is: (A) Food  ☑

Q. “Chernobyl Power Plant”, currently highlighted in the news, is located in
(A) Crimea
(B) Ukraine
(C) Russia
(D) Donbas

The answer is: (B) Ukraine ☑

Q. The city of Chernobyl in Ukraine is famous for
(A) border town
(B) semi-independent state
(C) nuclear disaster
(D) nuclear power plant

The answer is: (C) nuclear disaster of 1986 ☑

Q. Russia on 24 February 2022, launched an invasion on
(A) Lativa
(B) Ukraine
(C) Poland
(D) Donbas

The answer is: (B) Ukraine ☑

Q. Russia on 21 February 2022 recognized which regions of the world as independent states?
(A) Uighur
(B) Palestine
(C) Kurdistan
(D) Donbas

The answer is: (D) Donbas ☑

Q. The world’s largest security-oriented organization is
(C) European Union
(D) United Nations

The answer is: (B) OSCE ☑
The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is the world’s largest security-oriented organization.

Q. In the oil industry, one barrel of oil is equivalent to how many liters?
(A) 60
(B) 89
(C) 120
(D) 159

The answer is: (D) 159 ☑

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