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General Knowledge → GK mcq questions. Please note that general knowledge is abbreviated as GK and multiple choice questions are abbreviated as MCQs.

General Knowledge MCQs Questions with Answers for Test Preparation 2021. Current GK MCQ Questions (Online GK Quiz Test). Link to General Knowledge MCQs PDF is given below. These are the most important and most repeated g.k mcq questions with answers for test preparation. Answers to the following GK MCQs are given after the fifth gk quiz.

1. The world’s famous “blue mountains” are located in
(A) Australia
(B) Argentina
(C) New Zealand

1. (A) Australia. See below for regular general knowledge questions.

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1. The first Winter Olympics organized by the IOC was held in the year of 1924 in
(A) France
(B) Germany
(C) Greece
(D) Switzerland

2. The Himalayas mountain range contains _____ mountains having height more than 8000 meters.
(A) 6
(B) 8
(C) 10
(D) 12

3. By volume of water, the world’s largest freshwater lake is
(A) Caspian Sea
(B) Lake Superior
(C) Lake Baikal
(D) Lake Lucerne

4. The “Chimborazo Mountain” is located in
(A) Peru
(B) Guyana
(C) Venezuela
(D) Ecuador

5. International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) was founded in
(A) 1904
(B) 1908
(C) 1912
(D) 1916

1. (A) France
2. (C) 10
3. (C) Lake Baikal
4. (D) Ecuador
5. (A) 1904. Next: General Knowledge MCQs 6–10

General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Test with Answers. These are the most important and the most repeated online general knowledge questions and answers. Many questions are taken from general knowledge (GK) section of the past test papers. These quiz test general awareness, important facts, and current issues surrounding the world. It helps you building and assessing general information about the world and its geography. Some g.k mcq questions also test general information about plants & animals, and general awareness about the Earth in the Universe.

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