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World current affairs mcqs with answers. Latest 2021 current affairs online multiple choice questions (MCQs) NTS, FPSC Test (Year 2020-2021). Latest issues, challenges at national and international level during the last 2 years. Link to Current Affairs MCQs (PDF) is given at the bottom of the page. Answers to current affairs quiz are given after the fifth MCQ.

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1.  Which country on 20 January 2021 has re-joined the Paris Agreement?
(A) China
(B) Russia
(C) United States
(D) United Kingdom

2. Joe Biden on 20 January 2021 became the _____ president of the United States.
(A) 45th
(B) 46th
(C) 47th
(D) 48th

3. In December 2020, it was noted that Pfizer vaccine may not be suitable for people who are prone to
(A) catching flu
(B) high blood pressure
(C) serious allergic reactions
(D) bleeding

4. Currently, about how much world’s goods trade (by volume) is carried on ships?
(A) 50%
(B) 60%
(C) 70%
(D) 80%

5. According to Pfizer pharmaceutical company, their Covid-19 vaccine has ______ effective rate.
(A) 80%
(B) 85%
(C) 90%
(D) 95%

1. (C) United States
2. (B) 46th
3. (C) serious allergic reactions
4. (D) 80%
5. (D) 95% Next: Current Affairs MCQs 6–10

These are the latest and important current affairs mcqs test questions from recent events in the world, key facts and important current developments.

Current Affairs MCQs (PDF)
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