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Computer MCQs Questions with Answers. Computer Science, IT, Internet Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Test Preparation. Basic computer MCQs questions with answers for fpsc test preparation. Information technology (IT), computer science, internet, use of MS office, general knowledge (gk) and awareness regarding computer, IT and internet multiple choice questions (MCQs) and answers. IT: Usage of Basic Software like M.S Office, Electronic Record Keeping, Internet, E-mail etc. Link to Computer MCQs (PDF) is given below. Answers to basic computer quiz are given after the fifth MCQ.

Computer MCQs, IT Test

1. Which of the following operating system is based on open-source software?
(A) Macintosh
(B) Windows 2000
(C) Windows NT
(D) Linux

1. (D) Linux. See below for regular computer questions.

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16. Which variable type can have only two possible values?
(A) integer
(B) string
(C) double
(D) bool

17. In computer science and information technology (IT), DNS is an abbreviation of
(A) Direct Name System
(B) Domain Name System
(C) Direct Name Software
(D) Domain Name Software

18. In C++, the library function exit() causes an exit from the
(A) statement
(B) loop in which it occurs
(C) function in which it occurs
(D) program in which it occurs

19. In C++, a function name must be followed by
(A) braces
(B) parentheses
(C) statement
(D) variable name

20. Consider the main body of a program,
string a = “4”;
string b = “8”;
string c = a + b;
cout << c << endl;
If the program is run, what will be displayed on the screen?
(A) 4
(B) 8
(C) 12
(D) 48

16. (D) bool
17. (B) Domain Name System
18. (D) program in which it occurs
19. (B) parentheses
20. (D) 48. Next: Computer MCQs 21–25

Computer MCQs (PDF)
Download the Computer Science and Information Technology (IT) MCQs in PDF from this page.

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