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Computer Quiz Test | Basic Computer Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Test. These computer and information technology (IT) related questions are from basics of computer science, networking and general knowledge (GK) of computer and its components. Find answers to the featured computer mcqs after the third question.

1. 1 Gigabyte is equal to
(A) 1024 bits
(B) 1024 bytes
(C) 1024 kilobytes
(D) 1024 megabytes

2. In MS Windows key F1 is mostly used for
(A) Help
(B) Exit
(C) Save
(D) Refresh

3. NTFS stands for?
(A) New Trend File Saving
(B) Network File Saving
(C) New Technology File System
(D) None Of These

1. (D) 1024 megabytes
2. (A) Help
3. (C) New Technology File System (See below ↓ for regular computer questions)

Computer Science and Information Technology (IT) Online Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Find answers to the Computer MCQs after the 6th question.


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1. HTML is an abbreviation for?
(A) HiTech Meaningful Language
(B) HyperText Meaningful Language
(C) HiTech Markup Language
(D) HyperText Markup Language

2. _____ is a device from where the information is sent.
(A) Transmitter
(B) Spreadsheet
(C) Simulation
(D) Modulation

3. _____ is a mathematical model of a real system in the form of a computer program.
(A) Transmitter
(B) Spreadsheet
(C) Simulation
(D) Modulation

4. LAN is an abbreviation for?
(A) Large Access Network
(B) Local Access Network
(C) Large Area Network
(D) Local Area Network

5. Which from the following do not represent numbers with decimal places?
(A) integer
(B) float
(C) double
(D) long double

1. (D) HyperText Markup Language
2. (A) Transmitter
3. (C) Simulation
4. (D) Local Area Network
5. (A) integer Next: Computer MCQs 6–10

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Computer Quiz Online Test | Computer and Information Technology (IT) Basic and Intermediate Level Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).