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List of antonyms for SAT/GRE/GAT General (NTS Test)

SAT/GRE/GAT Antonyms
Word Antonym Meaning
Friend Foe Foe means enemy.
Diffident Confident Diffident means shyness
Enervate Energize Enervate means “to weaken”
Euphony Cacophony Euphony means pleasant sound, and Cacophony means noise
Prolix Pithy Prolix means wordy, and pithy means “to the point”
Enmity Friendship Enmity means “being an enemy”
Foment Quash Foment means “to incite”, and Quash means “to suppress”.
Abet Hinder Abet means “to assist”, and Hinder means “to deter”.
Undermine Bolster Undermine means “to weaken”, and Bolster means “make stronger”.
Scad Dearth Scad means “large amount”, and Dearth means “Shortage”.
Quixotic Pragmatic Quixotic means “Idealistic”, and Pragmatic means “Practical”.