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English MCQs questions with answers for test preparation. English grammar and vocabulary multiple choice questions (MCQs) and answers. English grammar MCQ test from English sentence structures and grammar usage. Link to English MCQs PDF is given at the end of this page. Find answers to the featured English MCQs after the third question.

English MCQs Questions Test

Q. It was raining heavy yesterday, so they ________ out.
(A) did not go
(B) did not went
(C) would not go
(D) would not gone

The answer is: (A) did not go ☑

Q. Yesterday she got a call from her old friend, and the friend ________ her the whole story.
(A) tell
(B) tells
(C) told
(D) has been telling

The answer is: (C) told ☑

Q. If she was free, she ________ to you.
(A) talked
(B) can talk
(C) could talked
(D) would talk

The answer is: (D) would talk ☑

Q. The number of friends and family members at the party ________ amazing.
(A) was
(B) were
(C) had
(D) have had

The answer is: (A) was ☑

Q. If you work really hard, you ________ good score in the upcoming examination.
(A) will get
(B) will got
(C) would get
(D) would got

The answer is: (A) will get ☑

Q. They have all been friends ________ their first match as a team.
(A) since
(B) for
(C) from
(D) during

The answer is: (A) since ☑

Q. When she was in the university, she ________ wake up early in the morning.
(A) should
(B) would
(C) will
(D) would have

The answer is: (B) would ☑

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