Confused Words Test

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1. I cannot concentrate, here is too much __________.
(A) detraction
(B) distraction
(C) people
(D) sound
(E) contraction

2. It is expected that the assembly will _________ these treaties.
(A) force
(B) ratify
(C) notify
(D) signify
(E) check

3. Oil is mostly _________ by trucks in England.
(A) transfer
(B) transmit
(C) transport
(D) travel
(E) deliver

4. Bus _________ are going to increase. So, commuters are worried.
(A) fees
(B) rates
(C) bills
(D) credits
(E) fares

5. Chinese __________ met foreign office officials in London.
(A) console
(B) counsel
(C) councel
(D) consul
(E) council

1. B
2. B
3. C
4. E
5. D