Salonga National Park

Salonga National Park is Africa’s largest tropical rainforest reserve covering about 36,000 km2. It is located at the Congo River basin in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo). Salonga National Park is isolated and only accessible by water. Animals in the Salonga National Park include dwarf chimpanzee, the Congo peacock, the forest elephant […]

Great wall of China

The Great Wall of China is about 21,196 kilometers long great wall in China. This great wall was built east-to-west to form a united defence system against invasions from the north. It begins in the east at Shanhaiguan in Hebei province and ends at Jiayuguan in Gansu province to the west. The Great Wall of […]


A desert is a vast mass of arid land with harsh weather and hostile living conditions for plant and animal life. And thus, only minor or no vegetation is possible. Antarctica Antarctica with an area of 14,000,000 kmĀ² is the largest desert in the world. It is a cold desert and 98% of its surface […]

Free Press Unlimited

Free Press Unlimited is an independent international foundation based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Free Press Unlimited helps journalists in conflict areas and battle fields to provide their audience with trustworthy information. Currently, Director Policy and Programmes of the foundation is Leon Willems, and the Director Operations is Ruth Kronenburg. Free Press Unlimited is a team […]

Goldman Environmental Prize

The Goldman Environmental Prizes are awarded by Goldman Environmental Foundation annually to grassroots environmental activists. A total of six awards are awarded from the world’s six geographic regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Islands & Island Nations, North America, and South & Central America. The Goldman Environmental Prize honors the grassroots level efforts of individuals in protecting […]

Pulitzer Prize

The Pulitzer Prize is awarded annually to honor excellence in journalism and the arts in the United States. The Pulitzer Prizes are awarded in the 21 categories across journalism, books, drama and music. It was established in Columbia University by the will of the Joseph Pulitzer in 1917, and is awarded by the University on […]

Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prizes are prizes awarded annually to individuals or organizations who make outstanding contributions in the six nominated fields. These six field are: chemistry, physics, literature, peace, economics, and physiology or medicine. The first Nobel prizes were awarded in 1901 in the five fields. And, the first prize in the sixth field, economics, was […]

FIFA World Cup

The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) or International Federation of Association Football is the governing body, and is responsible for the organization of football’s major international tournaments including the Men’s World Cup which commenced in 1930 and the Women’s World Cup which commenced in 1991. The two world cups are held every four years […]

Olympics 2016

The 2016 Olympics (or 2016 Summer Olympics or Rio 2016) were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 5 August to 21 August 2016. The Rio 2016 featured 28 Olympic sports with 306 sets of medals. More than 11,500 athletes from 205 different countries took part in the games. And, a total of 2,102 gold, […]


Olympics are most popular and mega international multi-sport event in which thousands of athletes from almost all over the world participate in a variety of competitions. Olympics are divided in summer and winter sports competitions which are held every four years separately. Recent Summer Olympics 2008 (China), 2012 (Great Britain), 2016 (Brazil), 2020 (Japan). Recent […]