UN Climate Change Conference Paris, 2015

Non-Traditional Challenge
The international community is facing a non-traditional challenge which is 'Climate Change' caused by some factors under the umbrella of 'Global Warming'.

A New Subject on the International Priority List
Civil wars, terrorism, inter-state wars, and peacemaking have always been the overwhelming issues of International Laws and Conventions. But since the later years of 20th century, the apparent effects of climate change have if not changed then at least added a new concern for their priorities.

Conference at Paris
UN Climate Change Conference was held at the beginning of December previous year. Delegations from all the 196 member states of the UN attended the meeting and resultantly drew 'Paris Agreement.'

The agreement once signed and ratified by at least 55 states, will regulate several environmental concerns including the emission of greenhouse gasses to which China, USA, and India are notoriously contributing.

Intended Nationally Determined Contributions
Before the meeting, each of the participants drafted and submitted 'Intended Nationally Determined Contributions' to clarify their positions and roles over the climate change.

Position of Pakistan
Pakistan also submitted the said document and participated in the conference. The country has more concerns over climate change particularly after the periodical floods in the recent years. But the bitter reality is that it possesses the little capability to do anything to evade this problem.

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
This conference was 21st annual meeting over the UN initiative for climate change. The 1st one took place in 1992 when 'UN Framework Convention on Climate Change' was signed.

Both the agreements pledge for nearly similar aims but rarely have any mechanism for enforcing the climate policy rules. Secondly, the conference and its agreements are also criticized for the non-seriousness behavior of major countries who see no political benefit in it.

In compact, climate change will prove to be a friend of none; it is a problem to be solved with mutual efforts even if they are slow.