ISIS or ISIL | Islamic State of Iraq & Levant

ISIL - The Worst Terror Network

Established in 1999 as a local Jihadi group in Iraq, the modern day's "Islamic State of Iraq & Levant" has emerged to be a leading terror network with its foothold in the Middle East. This terrorist organization aligned with Al-Qaeda in 2004 is Salafi Jihadist in its fundamentalist ideology. Believed to be the counter production of US invasion of Iraq in 2003, ISIL today has become more powerful than Al-Qaeda ever was.

Inhumane Practices
The organization became a headache for the international community in the last two years when it began to behead several Western media-persons and citizens it took as a hostage in Iraq and Syria.

Besides this, ISIL is practicing the inhumane and cruel acts of massacres, suicide bombings and shootings of non-combatant civilians.

Breeding Grounds of ISIL & Expansion of its Area of Operation
Failed states are the breeding grounds of violence and extremism. ISIL also bred in the states of Iraq, Syria and now Libya when the governance systems collapsed in all three. With the aim to establish a universal caliphate, ISIL is currently expanding its operations in Africa and Europe.

Boko Haram of Western Africa has already declared its allegiance with the ISIL. In Europe, the Turkey and France have been under its deadly attacks.

The Asian wings of ISIL can be traced in Afghanistan. It has also procured the suicide bombings in Saudi Arabian mosques.

Counter-Terrorism Efforts against ISIL
The war against ISIL began in steps. Starting with the attacks of Iranian drones on ISIL militants in Iraq, US-led the air strikes against this outfit in Syria, and finally, Russia plunged into the fight in the last months of 2015.

In Afghanistan, the Security Forces are trying to nip the ISIL in the bud.

Muslims countries under the leadership of Saudi Arabia has launched 34 Nations anti-terrorism Islamic alliance which are practically futile due to its sectarian outlook.