Gwadar Port

Gwadar port is a warm-water and deep-sea port along the Arabian Sea at Gwadar Baluchistan, Pakistan. Gwadar port is the hub for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and is the nearest seaport to the energy-rich Central Asian Countries.

Warm-water sea port
Warm water sea port means it can be used throught the year, that is, its water does not freeze in the winter.

Deep-Sea port
Deep-Sea port means the port allows access to the very large and heavy ships.

The Gwadar Port started its long waited operation on May 11, 2015 when the first container vessel docked to export the local fish to the international market through containerized shipment. The Pakistani government has shown a high enthusiasm to thrust forward the construction of the CPEC to make Gwadar Port fully operational to maximize its benefits. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif directed that the projects under the CPEC should be completed on fast-track through mobilization of all available resources and completion of financial and technical formalities.

China and Pakistan agreed to form a 1+4 integral structure with the CPEC at the center (1) and the Gwadar Port (a), transport infrastructure (b), energy (c) and industrial (c) cooperation being the four critical areas to achieve a win-win result and joint development. Among all the projects, Zonergy 1000 MW solar power plant is expected to be the first one to inject electricity into Pakistan's national grid.