CPEC | China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

The CPEC seen as a vital bridge in the "all-weather" China-Pakistan relationship. It is opening up new doors of economic opportunities in the region. This megaproject will have significant implications that can alter the dynamics of global politics. The CPEC will help strengthen Pakistan's economy and enhance its position in the region. For China, CPEC will open new routes to the oil-rich Middle East via the Arabian Sea. It will support regional ties and enable the region to stand on its own with minimal reliance on the Western world.

China and Pakistan agreed to form a 1+4 integral structure with the CPEC at the center (1) and the Gwadar Port (a), transport infrastructure (b), energy (c) and industrial (c) cooperation being the four critical areas to achieve a win-win result and joint development.

There are many challenges for Pakistan that may eventually lead to greator difficulties, for example, how the neigbours specially India and USA is going to react. Pakistan should pursue a peace-makaing course in the region and even offer neighbour to participate in the project. An economically stable Pakistan perhaps will contribute to dilute the impact of the Taliban, gratify the grievances of the Baluch and enable both Pakistan and India to start a multi-billion trade with each other. Western and American absolute fixation on Iran is counterproductive, and a prosperous Pakistan and, therefore, CPEC is in everyone's interest.